Alice in Wonderland

Little Miss Sophia, 3 months old! {Littles!}

Little Miss Sophia is a member of my First Year Baby program.  Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of shooting her gorgeous newborn photos and last weekend I got to go back for her 3 month session!   Sophia is smiling now and almost ticklish, she has learned how to effectively stick her tongue out at the camera, she responds to her name, grabs her toes and is very, very alert.  

Mom and I both love Alice in Wonderland, and upon hearing from Auntie that it was obsessively played during Mom's childhood, I decided to throw out a fun thought....what about a teacup and mini top-hat, Unbirthday style?  Last time Sophia was not intent on trying the teacup, so we went for it first this time around, and thankfully, she still fits.  

Mom and Dad both love the idea of documenting her growth through the same images, staged slightly different each time so I got to take back my nest, do Daddy's hands and the crown of Sophia's head (but this time she was holding her toes! EEps!) and repeat Sophia with Mommy & Daddy both holding her.  I can't wait to show off the story boards of these when they're all done!   So, without further a-due I present to you, Sophia, month 3.