The Ritzema Family {Families!}

The Ritzema's.  It all started with Kellie, a prior co-worker of mine, and her adorable girls when they were 2 and 8.  Then, 2 Christmases ago, she and her sisters purchased a full family session for her parents.  Then last year, for her husband's family, and one of her sisters purchased for HER husband's family.  I've photographed nearly every individual child and family related to Kellie on both sides of her family and several weeks ago, finally got to photograph the Ritzema family as a whole.  And my oh my, was it ever a fun filled, beautiful session.  We laughed, and laughed so hard we cried, and had loads of fun posing and joking and making silly faces.  The result?  A beautifully lit session that will blend so well on every wall this family owns :)

Enjy a few of the days favorites!